Leaving the EU… or not

Tonight the world is watching the results of the British vote to leave the European Union or stay. Now, I’m a US citizen. I don’t know all the pro’s and con’s of this, although I have my opinion (leave), but not really my place to get into it, probably.

That said, watching social media I’ve seen a trend that disturbs me. It’s probably to be expected, but still.

In general, the younger folks seem to want to remain with the EU, while the older folks tend toward leaving. Related to that, I’ve seen lots of younger folks expressing their opinion that the older citizens shouldn’t be voting for something that will have long term impact on the younger generation, while the older generation won’t live long enough to suffer from potential issues.

Well, guess what kids, consider this:

The vast majority of those older folks have children and grandchildren who they would die for. They have sacrificed for those children and grandchildren their entire lives and would do anything they could to see their offspring succeed and only want the best for them.

They may be right or wrong in the decisions they make, but I guarantee that they make them with the best interests of the younger generation at heart, not just their own selfish concerns.

Give them the benefit of the doubt that, although they may make mistakes, they will go to the grave having done the best they could for you, even if you don’t (now) think so.

Running Buddy Pouches

Running Buddy makes some pretty slick little "belt pouches" designed to clip to a pair of running shorts or the like where you don’t have or want to wear a belt. They also seem popular with some travelers, including a crowd who has posted positive reviews for using them while at Disney. If you’ve been to Disney, you know that hauling a bit of "stuff" with you can get annoying after a while and people come up with all kinds of solutions for that.

This is an odd product, in that my initial impression wasn’t that great. Well made, certainly, but just didn’t seem to fit me well. Since that time, my opinion has changed, and I’ve waited a bit in writing this to let things settle in to make sure I gave things a fair shake.

I ordered their "Super Saver Bundle! Buddy Pouch and Buddy Pouch Mini (3 Colors)" (although I only got black, but that was my choice) straight from the Running Buddy web site. At the time I ordered (and still, I just checked) they were offering $1 shipping.

There is also a discount code "Travel10" that I found that gives you a 10% discount that you can apply during the checkout process.

I’m not getting any kickback on these, and don’t know how long they are good for.

Anyhow, they shipped USPS, but in some manner that actually had tracking information that was updated promptly and I could follow along. That’s a novelty for my local Post Office, but anyhow. Package came promptly (2-3 days) and I opened it up.

I played with the two pouches a bit, trying to find the best fit for some of my gear I wanted to use them for. Then attempted to put the bigger pouch on my pants/belt.

Please note that I’m wearing this on a pair of pants/slacks with a belt, not running shorts. That’s my limitation, not the vendor’s 🙂

Anyhow, I couldn’t get the large pouch anywhere on myself that seemed "right", so I moved to the smaller pouch. A little better. Wore it to dinner and it didn’t bug much, but "wasn’t right".

So, a bit frustrated and disappointed, I gathered everything up and put it in my bag to return the next time I’m at the office where we have a mailroom that makes shipping easy.

A couple of days later, for whatever reason I dug the small pouch back out and tried again. The only real difference is that I had on a different pair of pants. I’ve juggled what I have in it a little since, but I’ve been wearing it daily since then, across multiple pairs of pants (including the first pair that I couldn’t get comfortable with) and have been very pleased.

It takes a second to get on and "latched" (although that improves with practice). The instructions that come with it mention the criticality of ensuring the magnets "latch". I can see their point, and I’m careful to check it, but it honestly latches pretty easily.

Since my second try, I’ve found it to be very comfortable and useful. I truly do forget its there, and it doesn’t move around like a normal "belt loop" pouch like I’ve worn for years. I consider that a good thing.

It also holds well during "clothing adjustments" (to put the process of going to the restroom politely). The pouch just stays with the pants and doesn’t require fiddling when you get redressed.

I intend to loop back and try the larger pouch again. It may still not work for daily wear, but I can certainly see it for "travel" uses.

Hope this epistle helps somebody.

How to Skivvy Roll

How have I made it this long without seeing this (besides never having served in the Marines)?

Huckberry (which sells some very nice looking outdoor gear) had this set of instructions, although the picture says most of it..

Perfected by the Marines, the Skivvy Roll or Grunt Roll is one of the most efficient packing techniques that we have ever seen. Combining all of our essentials (socks, shirt, and briefs) into a compact, bag ready, burrito of gear – it’s a simple, yet ingenious approach that makes filling up your bug out bag or packing for your next camping trip that much easier.

My last trip I wound up packing with a set of underwear and socks for each day wrapped together (t-shirt around shorts and socks), which I found was much better than ways I had tried before. I’m sure many of you are going "where has this guy been", but whatever 🙂

Anyway, this is a step beyond that method, and I’ll be giving it a try the next time I am hitting the road.