Leaving the EU… or not

Tonight the world is watching the results of the British vote to leave the European Union or stay. Now, I’m a US citizen. I don’t know all the pro’s and con’s of this, although I have my opinion (leave), but not really my place to get into it, probably.

That said, watching social media I’ve seen a trend that disturbs me. It’s probably to be expected, but still.

In general, the younger folks seem to want to remain with the EU, while the older folks tend toward leaving. Related to that, I’ve seen lots of younger folks expressing their opinion that the older citizens shouldn’t be voting for something that will have long term impact on the younger generation, while the older generation won’t live long enough to suffer from potential issues.

Well, guess what kids, consider this:

The vast majority of those older folks have children and grandchildren who they would die for. They have sacrificed for those children and grandchildren their entire lives and would do anything they could to see their offspring succeed and only want the best for them.

They may be right or wrong in the decisions they make, but I guarantee that they make them with the best interests of the younger generation at heart, not just their own selfish concerns.

Give them the benefit of the doubt that, although they may make mistakes, they will go to the grave having done the best they could for you, even if you don’t (now) think so.