How to Skivvy Roll

How have I made it this long without seeing this (besides never having served in the Marines)?

Huckberry (which sells some very nice looking outdoor gear) had this set of instructions, although the picture says most of it..

Perfected by the Marines, the Skivvy Roll or Grunt Roll is one of the most efficient packing techniques that we have ever seen. Combining all of our essentials (socks, shirt, and briefs) into a compact, bag ready, burrito of gear – it’s a simple, yet ingenious approach that makes filling up your bug out bag or packing for your next camping trip that much easier.

My last trip I wound up packing with a set of underwear and socks for each day wrapped together (t-shirt around shorts and socks), which I found was much better than ways I had tried before. I’m sure many of you are going "where has this guy been", but whatever 🙂

Anyway, this is a step beyond that method, and I’ll be giving it a try the next time I am hitting the road.