Inkbok (formerly Nokbok)


Inkbok (formerly Nokbok) is launching in the next couple of months with a subscription based model of acquiring books. I’ve added Open Gate and suggest authors check them out.

Inkbok is a subscription based digital library of published and self-published material. Our collection includes books, journalism, articles, academic papers, documents, poems, short stories and more.

Inkbok offers two membership plans for readers: (1) Free Membership (2) Unlimited Access Membership. Free members gain unlimited reading of Royalty-Free works and Unlimited Access members pay $4.95 per month and gain unlimited reading of all works.

Publishers and authors can upload their written material to Inkbok for free and gain royalties whenever their work is read. Inkbok utilizes a unique royalty model where publishers/authors share in the Total Gross Revenue from the website.

Our vision is to build the world’s largest collection of stories and ideas and place it at everyone’s fingertips for a low monthly cost, while ensuring that the creators of these works receive competitive royalties. Through the Inkbok community, we hope to offer great opportunities for exposure to aspiring, self-published and published authors. Additionally, we desire to encourage people of all ages to spend more time reading and discovering. And finally, our goal is to become a community of action by reaching out beyond ourselves to give to those in need.