I’ve been working my way through the round of getting a paperback version of Open Gate ready for sale by CreateSpace (Amazon’s print-on-demand arm). It was tougher than I expected, but I did succeed.

This included having to expand my cover artwork to have a spine and back cover. I kept things simple and went with all black, since the "background" of my professional cover was black. I think it looks pretty good.

Had to work on lots of updates for page breaks on the front matter. Managed to get it all done using compiles from Scrivener, although I had to use the Mac version, since some of the options aren’t yet available on the Windows/Linux world. I actually prefer a Mac for many things, but my current desktop is a Linux box. Windows I use on occasion (well, lots at work, but not for book writing).

Got it all finished and sent for a proof copy. Glad I took their advice and actually had one shipped. My wife found I had messed up and included the "ebook" text on the copyright page. Duh. Fixed that and got things for sale.

So now I’ve actually sold ebooks (in multiple countries) and physical books.