It’s that new math…

OK, so your company hires a big-name consulting group to provide "turn-key" upgrades to some major applications.

You know where this is going… nowhere good, that’s for sure.

So, after 5 months or so, they have done enough "planning" to present their full costs. They came in with an initial bid back when of about what things would cost, +-10%.

We later re-assigned a LARGE part of their work to another vendor (who is actually getting something done, while these guys are still planning). So their work has gone down significantly.

The current price? Three times (3X) the initial estimate.


Involved with this same project was another sub-project that I had gotten 3 bids for. Came in low, medium and high. The low was probably too low, but either medium or high would have been a fair price and I would have expected them to be fairly well done. The vendor I was forced to use (the big-name consulting group) was 3x the amount of the next highest bid. Really. They are now multiple months late and over budget, and I think their "experts" have been learning on the job.

(added later, 2015-10-14 17:36:55, long after the project was done)

They never did finish the sub-project. We finally pulled the plug on it.