Organized sports leads to the downfall of civilization

Just to get this out there at the beginning… I don’t like sports. Never have.

Individual athletic activities, fine. I’m not overly athletic (should be more so), but if you like that, go for it.

Intermural sports where all the participants play and just want to go have fun, ok, I guess I can see that.

Organized sports, especially college and "pro" teams? No, just get rid of them.

Why am I forced, by the government, to contribute part of my hard-earned money to go to taxes to build stadiums to support teams raking in millions of dollars?

Why was I, a non-scholoarship student on campus, relegated to worse housing, no free tutoring, etc., etc. when guys with great athletic skills (or so I’m told) get the best of everything and can coast through school?

This could go on and on… most of my friends and co-workers have learned to not even bring it up near me, but to get around to the title of my post, have you ever noticed that in history, civilizations that are soon to decline/collapse are the ones that have developed organized sports and begin to worship sports?

Look at ancient Rome.

Think about it.